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Wine Tour Booking Form  
3rd August - 17:00

Once you have purchased your tickets you will be assigned a table for the evening, so you are more than welcome to stay and dine once the tastings are finished. The wines on rotation will all be available for purchase via bottle or small, medium and large glasses. 

You will be provided with a menu of the wines for that days tour, and someone will come around to talk to you about each wine as they are being poured for you. We won't bore you with too much information, but some interesting facts about the vineyard and the ripening processes, and the flavour notes you should be expecting. All that we ask is you rate them out of 10 and give a tiny amount of written feedback on the sheets provided under your menu!


We provide each table with a charcuterie board and also bring out Persian food pairings with specific wines. Your board and bread will be occasionally topped up as well if necessary.

Purchase tickets
One person£45
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